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Justine Lucas
"Welcome and thank you so much for considering becoming my patron! I am an independent artist; this means that all video productions, recording studio days, art supplies, and live show promotions are completely out-of-pocket costs for me. Help me invest in the creation of music, films, books, and art to actively enrich your community!
As a patron, you will receive exclusive access to my creative process, hand-written postcards and gifts, get credited on all my productions, and free tickets to my shows."
Tier 1

Journal Club

$5 / month

At this tier, you'll be added to my private patron-only instagram feed and facebook group, where I post from my desk when I'm working on creative projects, weekly goals, reflective journal entries, and journaling prompts for the group! 

Tier 2

Pen Pals

$10 / month

I'm sending you a customized digital postcard created by yours truly every month. I also send out seasonal physical postcard on holidays. 
Plus, all the other stuff from previous tiers.

Tier 3

Coffee Date Podcast

$20 / month

At this tier, you get your name mentioned on every album, podcast, and music video I create for my music during the time of your support. You'll also get free tickets for any and all live or online music shows I play.

Tier desciptions & Benefits:



Your Benefits:

Private Instagram Feed

Weekly posts from my desk!

See my creative goals & what I'm working on that week. Get weekly updates on my life and process.


Private Facebook Group

Weekly posts & journal prompts!

See my creative goals & what I'm working on that week. Enjoy creative writing & journaling prompts for the group.

Private SoundCloud

Secret songs & recordings!

Listen to new songs just days after I've written them. I tend to record new songs and ideas on my phone, that no one will ever hear... accept for you ♡

Benefit #1

Patron-Only Instagram Feed

I use the account as a friendly space to be vulnerable and share what's happening in my life and how it affects my creative process as an artist and songwriter.

Benefit #2

Patron-Only Facebook Group

This facebook group is a place for me to share creative ideas and projects I'm working on. Patrons have access to this process, and what's more - are actually a part of it! I open a dialogue with every post for patrons to give feedback, share their ideas, and express their own projects and processes. It's more than a club at this point, it's a community of creative minds.

Benefit #3

Patron-Only SoundCloud Account

I write  songs every week. I write songs in my sleep. I write lyrics in my journals and melodies when I'm doing the dishes... music for me is a way of life. However, not all of those songs make it onto my professionally recorded records. This Private SoundCloud account is a place for me to share all of those songs, the ones that no one else will ever hear. As my patron, you'll gain access to all of my off-record songs, random melodies, fiddle tunes, and even poems.



Your Benefits:

All of the above

Plus the following features >>

Monthly Postcard

Digital Postcards with personal life anecdotes & momentos sent to your inbox every month.

Seasonal Cards

Special hand-made or hand-picked physical postcards mailed to your address, from me to you!


Digital Postcards

Every month, I sit down and create a digital postcard for my patrons. I create a cover, and fill in the back with my creative revelations and personal life experiences from the past month. These monthly digital postcards have also been a great exercise for me as well, teaching me how to select the most poignant moments of my life and express my thoughts in a concise way. 


Hand-Made Postcards

I really enjoy sitting down and spending time hand-drawing postcards for my patrons. I find it relaxing, therapeutic, and creatively fulfilling. It also gives me the opportunity to thank them meaningfully for supporting my art by making them something unique and personal.



Your Benefits:

All of the above

Plus the following features >>

Monthly Podcast

An exclusive podcast recorded just for you. Includes stories, tarot readings, and reflections on emotion/spiritual/creative wellness.

Q & A

Get answers to your questions about how Justine writes songs, paints, makes films, or about the story or concept behind her works.


Podcast with Q&A

I am recording an exclusive monthly podcast just for you. I'll share what I'm going through emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and creatively. I'll tell you stories, do tarot readings, or answer your own personal questions. Let's make coffee, delve into the depths of our minds, and reflect upon this magical happenstance we call life.

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