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Justine Lucas
"Welcome and thank you so much for considering becoming my patron! I am an independent artist; this means that all video productions, recording studio days, art supplies, and live show promotions are completely out-of-pocket costs for me. Help me invest in the creation of music, films, books, and art to actively enrich your community!
As a patron, you will receive exclusive access to my creative process, hand-written postcards and gifts, get credited on all my productions, and free tickets to my shows."
Tier 1

Journal Club

$5 / month

At this tier, you'll be added to my private patron-only instagram feed and facebook group, where I post from my desk when I'm working on creative projects, weekly goals, reflective journal entries, and journaling prompts for the group! 

Tier 2

Pen Pals

$10 / month

I'm sending you a customized digital postcard created by yours truly every month. I also send out seasonal physical postcard on holidays. 
Plus, all the other stuff from previous tiers.

Tier 3

Coffee Date Podcast

$20 / month

At this tier, you get your name mentioned on every album, podcast, and music video I create for my music during the time of your support. You'll also get free tickets for any and all live or online music shows I play.

Tier descriptions & Benefits:



Your Benefits:

Private Instagram Feed

Weekly posts from my desk!

See my creative goals & what I'm working on that week. Get weekly updates on my life and process.


Private Facebook Group

Weekly posts & journal prompts!

See my creative goals & what I'm working on that week. Enjoy creative writing & journaling prompts for the group.

Private SoundCloud

Secret songs & recordings!

Listen to new songs just days after I've written them. I tend to record new songs and ideas on my phone, that no one will ever hear... accept for you ♡



Your Benefits:

All of the above

Plus the following features >>

Monthly Postcard

Digital Postcards with personal life anecdotes & momentos sent to your inbox every month.

Seasonal Cards

Special hand-made or hand-picked physical postcards mailed to your address, from me to you!



Your Benefits:

All of the above

Plus the following features >>

Monthly Podcast

An exclusive podcast recorded just for you. Includes stories, tarot readings, and reflections on emotion/spiritual/creative wellness.

Q & A

Get answers to your questions about how Justine writes songs, paints, makes films, or about the story or concept behind her works.

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