What is Patreon?

Patreon is a crowdfunding site for independent artists that's membership based to help sustain their art.

It's a way you can support the production of Justine Lucas's albums, music videos, short films, children's books, novels and musical screenplays by signing up for an easy monthly donation.

a note from Justine:

"Welcome and thank you so much for considering becoming my patron! I am an independent artist; this means that all video productions, recording studio days, art supplies, and live show promotions are completely out-of-pocket costs for me. Help me invest in the creation of music, films, books, and art to actively enrich your community! As a patron, you will receive exclusive access to my creative process, hand-written postcards and gifts, be a part of my artistic journey and songwriting process."

  • new songs
  • music video footage
  • illustrations
  • screenplay pages
  • novel pages
  • journal pages
  • songwriting process
  • sheet music
  • recordings

Patron Memberships

Tier Overview:
Tier 1

Green Room

$2 / month

At this tier, you'll get to hear rough recordings of songs I'm writing, see footage from music video shoots, and read unpublished pages from my novel and screenplay works-in-progress. 

Tier 2

Journal Club

$5 / month

At this tier, you'll receive weekly posts from my art desk of my creative goals, reflective journal entries, and be a part of my patron-only instagram feed & private facebook group. 

Plus all benefits of previous tiers.

Tier 3

Pen Pals

$10 / month

At this tier, you'll get a fun and personal digital postcard from me every month. Postcards include life anecdotes, poems, random lyrics that may someday become songs, or artistic doodles. Essentially whatever I feel inspired to express that month! 🍂 🧁

Plus all benefits of previous tiers.

Tier 4


$20 / month

At this tier, you'll receive a monthly creativity prompt to help you discover and harness your innate creativity and artistic abilities. The prompts include meditations, visualizations, journaling topics, drawing challenges, and podcasts recorded just for you. ☕ 🎧

Plus all benefits of previous tiers.


Your Benefits:

New Songs

Listen to new songs as I write them! Hear voice memos of songs in progress with little spoken notes on my songwriting process. 


Watch behind-the-scenes footage of albums in the making and music videos. See raw footage and storyboards for films in the making.

Book Pages

Read excerpts from my works-in-progress! Novel pages, musical screenplay scenes, authors notes, children's books and poems.


Your Benefits:

All of the above

Plus the following features >>

Weekly Journal Posts

Every week I take a picture of what I'm working on and post it with a list of creative goals for the week and a reflective journal entry on my artistic process and thoughts.

Private Insta & FB Group

Access my weekly posts on your insta feed and be a part of my creative patron community. 



Your Benefits:

All of the above

Plus the following features >>

Monthly Postcard

Digital Postcards with personal life anecdotes & momentos sent to your inbox every month.

Yearly Cards

Special hand-made or hand-picked physical greeting cards from me to you at the start of every new year.


Your Benefits:

All of the above

Plus the following features >>

Monthly Prompt

Monthly artistically designed pages with a custom exercise for your emotion/spiritual/creative wellness.

Meditation & Art

Pages include a guided meditation, journaling prompt, vocalization exercise, or sketchbook assignment.

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