JUSTINE & The Evergreen

Justine's folky originals with a full band

Justine's band is an acoustic-electric ensemble of rotating musicians from California. The musical arrangements include fiddle, banjo, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, piano, bass, and percussion. With roots in Americana, Bluegrass, Folk, Blues Jazz and Gypsy Swing, this group's live performance is highly eclectic and absolutely mesmerizing. Justine's profound and prolific songwriting lends itself to a stage show centered around storytelling and has the feel of a cozy music session around a campfire.


  • Lee Corbie-Wells ~ fiddle & vocals

  • Jonah Udall ~ acoustic & electric guitar

  • Devin Farney ~ piano & vocals

  • Mark Nelsen ~ guitar & vocals

  • Hallie Richards ~ banjo & guitar

  • Greg Jenkins ~ clarinet & vocals


9-Piece Big Band & Cabaret


Madame Z's Cabaret is a live show full of theatrical music numbers of original music by jazz vocalist / songwriter Justine Lucas (Madame Z) with guitarist / composer Jonah Udall. Justine & Jonah met at a folk dancing festival back in 2010, improvised a unique and spontaneously brilliant version of "Summertime" around the campfire, and immediately realized their collaborative potential. These two musical powerhouses manifest their weirdest and wildest dreams on stage, making their live show feel larger than life. With influences like Edith Piaf, Louis Prima, Count Basie, and Ella Fitzgerald, their music is deeply rooted in the traditions of jazz and swing yet spiced with their taste for Balkan folk music and experimental sound.

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Justine Lucas


Acoustic World Music Duo


Adequate Evils is an eclectic band that specializes in music from the British Isles, the Balkans, and Eastern Europe. With traditional Celtic songs from Wales, Cornwall, Scotland, and the Isle of Mann; as well as tunes and songs from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia, and Romania. Their dynamic voices, tight vocal harmonies, and unique instrumental arrangements makes Adequate Evils a band to remember.


Dream-Rock Duo


Whatever your dreams look like, that's what this music sounds like. Justine Lucas & Mathew Harmon have been playing music and making visual art together since they met at an art gallery walk in 2005, where they both showed up with 35mm film cameras around their necks and became instant friends. Their love of surrealist art, fantasy fiction, absurdist theatre, and children's book illustration plays into the music and art they create. Sound influences are The Flaming Lips, Pixies, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, and Sufjan Stevens. These two extraordinary songwriters combine lyrical storytelling with vivid poetry and lilting melodies to portray a fantastical world that they've created in their minds -- where dinosaurs still walk the earth, and deserts seamlessly melt into jungles and oceans.

Note: All current recordings are at least 15 years old and recorded at home on low-fi gear! So please listen with a grain of salt.

two drifters

Lullaby Duo


Also known as "the lullaby band", Justine Lucas & Jordan Finlay's voices are a perfect mirror of each other in tone and texture. Their tight harmonies, dynamic vocal ranges, and soft musical finesse makes this band a must-see. Their choice in classic songs in combination with their poetic originals creates a show reminiscent of a nostalgic dream.

Jordan & Justine met in Utah while Justine was on tour. They started singing together on their second day and recorded their first album "The Cottonwood Sessions" within the first 2 weeks of meeting. Having traveled around the US and West Coast, and never lived in the same place, this band only reunites for coastal tours and special events -- hence their name Two Drifters, which was taken from a line in the song "Moon River" from the classic film Breakfast at Tiffany's -- the first song they ever sang together in harmony.

Justine Lucas

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