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Justine Lucas is prolific and locally renown singer-songwriter based in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a voice described as "softly haunting" by SF Deli Magazine and music that sounds like "a folky Appalachian holiday" according to the SF Bay Guardian, Justine's profoundly poetic songs and delicately nuanced vocal tones carry character and story throughout every album, film, and concert.

Justine is also a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, mandolin, piano, bass, and violin on many of her own tracks, and guest-starring with local bands such as Fanfare Zambaleta and Wyld Iris. Her music alternates between bluegrass, folk, country, jazz, blues, swing, and gypsy jazz. With a degree in World Music and Dance, her influences are vast, international, and multigenerational. Justine's eclectic style has also been inspired by her years of touring with circuses throughout the US and Canada, and meetings with remarkable musicians and circus performers from all over the world. She is most well-known for her time as the lead singer of The Jaunting Martyrs, her collaborations with Jordan Finlay and Lee Corbie-Wells, and as Madame Z in her Jazz Cabaret and Big Band, lead with co-composer Jonah Udall.

Justine Lucas

Press Pieces

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“San Francisco based minimalist avant singer songwriter Justine Lucas has touched our hearts with her recordings of smooth rhythmic guitar melodies, and softly haunting atmospheric backdrops of birds singing, and natural sounds bellowing under her beautiful voice.”

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“Her sounds span genres and decades, often paying homage to American Old Time, Jazz, Blues, and the Circus, while offering a fresh contemporary perspective.”

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“It’s like an Eastern European circus took a folky Appalachian holiday. It’s both quiet, classical bedtime story and traveling, rambling, carnival party.”

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“A natural storyteller, weaving magical prose around epic ballads.”

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"Her art showcases musical storytelling and an intimate approach to performance."

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Video Samples

Live video of Justine Lucas & her music partner Lee Corbie-Wells
Justine LUCAS


Original songs

[Audio Samples]

SONG: Percy Jones

Instrumentation: lead vocals, backing vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, piano & violin.
Recorded with live band.

SONG: The Dam

Instrumentation: lead vocals, backing vocals, fingerpicking style guitar, bowed bass & violin.
Recorded with live band.

SONG: Yankee Dime

Instrumentation: lead vocals, backing vocals, rhythm guitar & violin.
Recorded with live band.

SONG: The Wind

Instrumentation: lead vocals, backing vocals, rhythm guitar & lead guitar.
Recorded with live band.

SONG: San Francisco, You've Changed

Instrumentation: lead vocals, rhythm baritone ukulele & lead electric guitar. 
Recorded with live band.

SONG: Think With Your Gut

Instrumentation: lead vocals, backing vocals, rhythm baritone ukulele, lead guitar, mandolin & violin.
Recorded with live band.

SONG: Utopian Monster

Instrumentation: lead vocals, backing vocals, rhythm guitar & lead guitar.
Multitracked by Justine Lucas.



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The Complex, SF - 2021

NorCal Tour - 2018

Canadian Tour - 2017

Central American Tour - 2017

West Coast Tour - 2016

Great American Music Hall, SF - 2015

Canadian Tour - 2015

SoCal Tour - 2015

Slim's, SF - 2013

West Coast Tour - 2013

Great American Music Hall, SF - 2012

Haight Ashbury Street Fair, SF - 2012

The Boom Boom Room, SF - 2011

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