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Meditative Vocal COaching

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🟡 Solar Plexus
🟠 Sacral
🔴 Root
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Things I learned and will carry with me:
Breathing techniques
Vocal Warmups
Releasing blocks: Fear
Releasing blocks: Self-Doubt
Releasing blocks: Stage Fright
Embodying: Self-Love
Embodying: Self-Confidence
How to sing from a chakra
How to sing from a meditative state of mind
How to sing from the spirit
other (explain below)
More about what you gained or learned (optional): How was your Voice Coach's communication style? How did you feel about the Guided Meditation length? How did you feel about the Length of the Singing portion? How did you feel about the Lyricality of the Singing portion? Tell me more (optional): Any last comments or questions? (optional) Submit