About Psychic Energy & the Voice

Protecting your psychic energy can have profound benefits for your overall well-being. Psychic energy refers to the subtle energy that flows through and around your body, influencing your mental, emotional, and spiritual state. When you safeguard your psychic energy, you maintain a sense of balance, inner peace, and emotional resilience. The crown chakra, located at the top of the head, is associated with spiritual connection and the flow of psychic energy. It serves as a gateway to higher consciousness and the divine. When your psychic energy is balanced and conserved, you can access a deeper reservoir of creativity, emotional expression, and vocal power. Singing requires not only physical technique but also a strong connection to your inner self and emotions. By learning to protect your own psychic energy, you are strengthening your own ability to hold and command an energetic space, and sing from a place that is authentically and unequivocally you. This protective practice allows you to tap into your full vocal potential, deepening your connection with your voice and honing your craft.

CLASS VIBES:  Spirit Element, Crown Chakra, COSMIC Energy, Divination Witch, Hallows Eve.

Meditative Voice Class

This Hallows Eve, tap into your crown chakra and learn how to set energetic boundaries to protect your own psychic energy in this  thinly veiled autumnal season. This class is designed to help you command your space, embody your personal power and own your voice. Join me for a witchy and empowering session full of guided meditations, yoga breathing exercises, gentle vocal warmups, and spirit singing. 
Taught live on Zoom.  Register for your Class Link.
THURSDAY, OCT. 26, 2023
12:00 - 1:30 PM (PST) 
~ California time zone.     90-minute class.

Meet Your Coach:


Singer, Composer, Performer, Instructor
Justine Lucas is a Bay Area singer, composer, and performer. She has toured the US and Canada several times and played several renowned venues, including The Great American Music Hall, Yoshi's, Slim's, and Herbst Theatre. 
In addition to studying vocal training techniques in opera, jazz, and country music, Justine has been exploring the connection between the chakras and singing voice. 
Justine was first introduced to chakras and alternative healing methods at a young age by her grandmother, Judith Winston, who is a Polarity Therapist, Reiki Healer, and the founder of¬†Health Touch NC, LLC. Justine has incorporated emotional body listening in her own songwriting for over 15 years, and various forms of meditation and energy healing before performing. Many of her songs are written and performed from what she calls a ‚Äúdeep-listening‚ÄĚ place.¬†
In summer of 2022, Justine became the pioneer for meditation and chakra based musical education. She was the first to offer a comprehensive program that gives singers holistic healing tools to not only enhance their musical expression, but also use music as a part of their greater healing journey.

Develop a Spiritual Connection

with music & your voice

Learn to sing using meditation, the elements, and the chakras.
meditative voice

Group Class Vibes

photos from an in-person class earlier this fall!


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Hear from the voices of my students:
Scenario (they/them)
"I jumped for joy and cried with relief when I discovered Justine could teach singing in this way. I've held so much fear in when it comes to opening up my voice, and I knew that studying pure technique wouldn't be enough. I needed spirit level work. Justine creates such a warm supportive environment, perfect for exploring where energy flows through body and spirit. I am so grateful to have finally found a teacher who can help me open up my voice as an expression of my soul."